Successfully Providing Platform Tradding


Vgg Markets For Tradding

We are committed to providing transparency and the highest level of clients’ funds security. With licenses and regulations across 4 continents, we work with financial regulators across various jurisdictions to provide investor protection

Vggmarkets Ltd is registered and regulated at Belize.

The Regulator completely controls the activities of market participants and ensures compliance with international standards, in particular, the provision of brokerage services by licensed companies. The regulator guarantees transparency of work and confirms that only companies with a high reliability degree can obtain the right to obtain a license for financial activities in the registrar’s jurisdiction.

Vggmarkets takes extreme measures to ensure that our clients’ funds are always 100% secure and governed by the principal of Safety
Clients funds are kept in separate accounts from Vggmarkets own funds. This ensures that client’s funds cannot be used for any other purpose under any circumstance other than trading purposes.

All Accounts enjoy the following standard financial security measures

1. Segregated Client Fund Accounts
2. Regulatory Oversight of Day to Day Operations by the Regulator
3. Capital Reserve Requirements from the Regulator
4. Regulatory Capital Reserve on Deposit with The Regulator
5. Secure encryption of all client transactions and data

Vggmarkets follows all The Money Laundering and Terrorism (Prevention) Act, 2008 (MLTPA) policies and its regulations. Our account opening procedures are highly structured to prevent any money laundering. Please go through the AML policy which informs about the documents required and procedure to open an account to be in compliance with The Money Laundering and Terrorism (Prevention) Act, 2008 (MLTPA)